With our advanced e-waste management services, we provide an efficient solution for recycling and disposal of your e-wastes such as electrical wastes, electronic wastes, plastic wastes and also security services such as data destruction. We take care of all the e-waste while following the proper safety guidelines under government.

Broad range of services that we can offer you

E-waste recycling

Now, you can bid a permanent farewell to your company’s electronic trash those are eating extra space on each passing day. All e-wastes will be collected at your doorstep, we also take the responsibility to safety dispose them under proper government guidance so that you can concentrate on other organizational development activities.

Extraction of metals

With our e-waste management services you will not only get rid of your e-waste but will also salvage raw materials and parts that can be used for reselling purposes,all with our new technology extraction of precious metal such as silver, gold and aluminum those have never been easier before.

Effective segregation of components

By the combination of our skilled workers and cutting-edge technology we help you to segregate the valuable components from the nonvaluable ones, thus helping in reselling purpose.

Data erasure and data destruction services

Ensure a complete erasure and destruction of your data. We make multiple data extractions passes with your erased data devices to make sure the non-recoverability of data.

Reverse logistics

Converting end of life products into reusable and reselling goods will help your company to generate cash flow. Some parts can also be used for raw materials.

Our service comes with a promise of

  • Best quality management service
  • Before the deadline completionof task
  • 24X7 assistance for all your queries and doubts
  • The promise of top confidentiality from our part for not to divulge any of your company information
  • Effective WEEE e-waste management servicesas per CPCB guidelines

Have any doubts?

You can contact us by our mail or call us to know any related information. We will be more than happy to help you in our best possible way.